So, it's the final Amsterdam post and while we didn't really get up to much on this day, this post is mainly going to be reflecting on our trip and discussing the highs and the lows. As always, be sure to check out the video montage here and let's talk about our long day at the airport...

Other than packing up the hotel room and spending way too much time laying on the bed because I still felt incredibly ill, we didn't really get up to much during the morning. I really hate packing up to go home from a holiday because it just reinforces everything that you have to do when you get home in your mind and let's be honest, there's nothing enjoyable about that. 

Our flight was at 5 and we had to check out of the hotel by 12. 5 hours to kill with a lot of luggage and a really ill Lauryn lead to us spending 5 hours waiting at the airport. Don't ask how we made it through because I honestly have no idea. It was potentially the longest 5 hours of my life, the airport duty free was really quite disappointing so even that couldn't keep me entertained but I did pick up the Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal perfume which I am really happy about as I've wanted it for a while.  For lunch, we decided on Jamie Oliver's Deli and we both chose what we thought was a pulled pork salad bowl, it was actually just a bowl of pulled pork - weird but not complaining. 

There's not much to report about the flight. It was really quick, we started watching a film on Netflix called Candy Jar and I got my usual ear pain that lasts for days after. Sounds really fun, right? When we landed, I bought the Benefit Roller Lash mascara and we made our way back to Joshs. End of holiday. 

So, overall we both really enjoyed the holiday and it felt like a nice amount of time to be there as it gave us chance to do everything that we planned to do. However, we would definitely return as there's still a lot more that we would like to see and it is a really lovely place. One thing I will say is that the trams, mopeds and bikes appearing everywhere and nearly running me over at every corner was a little daunting but I got used to it (kinda). I know that I would have enjoyed it more and I would have been a lot less panicked if there weren't wasps but there's nothing I can do about that and I think I did pretty well in controlling my phobia as much as I could - gold star for me. 

One of my favourite parts of the holiday was the canal tour (without the wasps), as it was really relaxing for the most part. I'm still confused about how we ended up on a completely different boat than we were supposed to be on but it was still good and we both enjoyed it. Visiting all of the museums was a great way of understanding more about the different parts of the city but, I also really liked just exploring the city without having an agenda because it's a really beautiful place. 

Weird to think that the holiday is over already, I hope you've enjoyed reading about our adventures in Amsterdam and if you haven't already, be sure to check out our last full day in Amsterdam here and thank you for spending the last week reading about my wasp phobia. 

How do you feel about flying? Let me know!