There are so many stereotypes surrounding Freshers week; some will see it as the best week of the year, a chance to get drunk every night and meet new people and some will thrive by attending every society taster event that they can possibly fit into their day. Then, there are the people like me who aren't too fussed about any of it. That's not to say that you have to fit into one of these categories though, you could be a mixture of all three. Basically, there's no right way to do Freshers.

I feel as though the hyped up nature of Freshers leaves many people feeling pressurised to attend that night out or go to that sports taster session when really, they'd rather watch youtube all day in their pyjamas (literally me). This can definitely lead to feelings of anxiety and that oh so horrible feeling of 'not doing enough'. I'm all too aware of that feeling, but why should we feel that? We are not inclined to do anything that we don't want to do and if you've got good people around you, they will understand that. If they don't, they don't sound like very good friends to me.

Another thing to mention for people that have perhaps just moved to University, if you haven't found your best friend in seconds, that doesn't mean it won't happen. Some people will meet friends for life in Freshers week and for others, they will meet their group later on in the year. Take my advice though, don't stay friends with people in fear of being alone even when you have a bad feeling about them, that never turns out well.

Especially in first year, Freshers is designed to help you settle in before the academic term starts and I do think that this time can be helpful, but overwhelming too. Remember to take time out for self care because it's inevitably a big change and it's understandable if you're finding the whole situation a little daunting, I know that I thought this when I first got to University last year. Just take things at your own pace so, if you don't want to go on a night out, the club isn't going anywhere, you can go next time. If you're not feeling ready to explore the campus and surrounding city, you'll have plenty of time to do this over the next year. There's nothing wrong with doing things at a different pace to others.

The main message that I'm trying to get across here is do whatever you want. Sure, Freshers is a good way to meet new people and try new things but if you'd rather stay in your room and chill, do that instead. You don't have to follow everyone else in fear that you're not doing this week - there's no right way to do Freshers.

Do you like going out, chilling at home or a bit of both? Let me know!

P.S. Be prepared to tell your name, where you're from and which course you're doing 3482 times this week.