I could have just done a simple 'boyfriend guesses the price of clothes' post but I thought, let's make this a little more specific. Today, I'm going to be showing Josh some items in Selfridges and he has to guess how much they cost. I think in places like Selfridges, the things you think will cost less cost more and vice versa so it'll be interesting to test Josh's knowledge...

selfridges items

Josh's guess: £300
Actual price: £445

"You're alright mate", the first response Josh had when I told him the actual price of these. It's not too terrible of a guess but he was still quite a way off so I'm going to have to say that's an incorrect guess.

Josh's guess: £210
Actual price: £220

He was really close on this one considering he had never heard of Kurt Geiger before. I absolutely love this bag and I'm a little bit tempted but my student budget is not going to allow that. I'm surprised he got this nearly spot on to be honest.

Josh's guess: £65
Actual price: £37

He definitely overestimated the price of this by nearly double and I'm not entirely sure why. Right now, I will not be spending £65 on a brush, however good it is. 

Josh's guess: £40
Actual price: £34

Not far off of this one again which I'm pretty impressed by. His reasoning was "it's only highlight, innit", I'm not entirely sure what he means by that either. 

Josh's guess: £190
Actual price: £650

"Like I said, if it uses their name, it's usually quite posh..." As we can see, Josh was way off of the mark on this one but I think out of all of them, this was the one I expected him to get stuck on. 

Josh's guess: £130
Actual price: £50

Another bad guess for Josh but I also think that this watch looks slightly on the pricier side so if I didn't know the price, I may have guessed higher too. Now, this is something I'm considering adding to my basket.

Josh's guess: £12
Actual price: £15

"How much can a normal pink mug really be?" You'd be surprised Josh, you'd be surprised. This isn't a bad guess at all and I did think that he would guess lower.

Josh's guess: £70
Actual price: £330

"Now, I've never heard of that so I'm going to assume it's good"... I do think that this one is overpriced for what it is and so, I think it was inevitable that Josh would guess a lower price. 

Josh's guess: £99
Actual price: £235

"Who has this sort of money?! Lauryn, can you find someone who is willing to pay that much..." Once again, Josh is shook. 

Josh's guess: £400
Actual price: £21.98

"Haven't heard of it, it sounds Italian so that adds hundreds to the price... I don't even want to guess"... he was pleasantly surprised by the actual price tag. I do think that all ALDO bags look more expensive than their actual price.

So, Josh's final thoughts are "Selfridges is a lot more expensive than I thought and at what point can someone justify £300 on a black jumper?!"... I must admit, I do agree with him. Overall, he got 7 completely off and 3 nearly right but unfortunately, none spot on. Better luck next time.

Do you want to see Josh guess more prices of products? Where should we go next to test his knowledge? Let me know!