I've wanted to try Huda Beauty products for the longest time but my student budget just didn't allow me to do so. Therefore, when I opened this palette from Josh on my birthday, I was incredibly excited to try it out. Let's talk about what I think of the Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions Palette

So, this palette retails for £25 on Cult Beauty which considering the size of the palette, some people could say that it's quite pricey. The palette is palm-sized which is a lot smaller than many of my other palettes but I don't think that means that it's not worth the money because, at the end of the day, it's all about the quality rather than quantity.

First, the packaging is absolutely beautiful. This slimline palette is perfect for anyone who, like me, is on the go pretty much constantly. We all know the struggle of trying to fit our favourite eyeshadow palettes into our travel makeup bags and well, it's just a stress. This definitely eliminates that stress which for me, is an automatic advantage. The magnetic closing is something that I always look out for when buying new makeup products as I feel like they are ten times easier to open when you have acrylics on (first world problems, right there) and so, this was an obvious benefit of the product overall. Despite the small size of the palette, there is actually a mirror which again, Huda Beauty are just thinking of it all. To be honest, I don't understand why some palettes don't have mirrors because when you're trying to rush your make up on the train, you just don't have enough hands to hold a mirror, a palette, a brush and whatever else.

On to the eyeshadow itself, 9 versatile shades, perfect for creating a warm-toned smokey eye during the day or a heavy glam look at night. The shades consist of five duo-chrome shimmers and four mattes which is great because as a likely travel palette, you need to have a combination of both the shimmers and the mattes.

Upon first look, the shades that really stand out to me are the Raspberry Red Shimmer in the middle of the top row, the Violet Red Shimmer in the middle of the second row and the Hot Pink Matte on the right of the bottom row. However, I'm going to be swatching them all and giving my opinion on them. I've always been a lover of the warm-toned pinks and reds so I'm so excited to see how these turn out.

huda beauty ruby obsessions swatches

Nude Matte (top left hand corner)

In every palette, no matter how extravagant it is, a good nude shade is key. This nude matte seems like the perfect transition shade. As I first swatched it, I noticed just how buttery the formula is and the colour is very pretty, although rather muted. Unfortunately, the finger swatch wasn't as impressive as I hoped and I feel as though, in order to use this for an eye look, you'd have to get quite a lot of product on your brush, unfortunately. However, I do think, as I said, this would be perfect for a transition shade.

Raspberry Red Shimmer (middle of top row)

When I first opened this palette, this was the colour that I was most excited about as it is right up my street. Upon first swatching, I was not disappointed. The shade is absolutely beautiful and it is so pigmented so, unlike the Nude Matte, I really do not think you'd need much product to reach your desired look. There's also no visible fall out from the pan that I can notice which is always a plus, especially with shimmer eye shadows as I know for example, my Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette is full of shimmer shades and it's really difficult to prevent fall out with that. I am definitely going to be using this shade a lot, I can tell already.

Rose Gold Shimmer (top right hand corner)

Ok, this might be my favourite one. This is a beautiful coppery-rose gold shade that I'm already dreaming about in a cut crease look. The pigmentation is amazing and is exactly the type of colour that I would usually go for in an eye shadow shade. I definitely think that this would be best used on the lid for a halo eye or cut crease.

Burgundy Matte (left hand side of middle row)

Hello, this is amazing. I'm already picturing this shade matched with a nude lip, burgundy jumper and a tan coloured trench coat. Hello Autumn. Pigmentation, not as good as it could be. Colour, insane. I think the colour makes up for the fact that you're definitely going to have to use quite a bit of product to really deepen your eye shadow look. This is the type of shade that is perfect for intensifying a look like a halo eye and just pulling it all together.

Violet Red Shimmer (centre of middle row)

I keep wanting to say that they are all my favourite. This one is no exception to that. When I first started getting into make up, I always steered clear of purple shades in fear that I'd mess it up and make myself look like I have a black eye. As my make up skills have advanced, I have learned to love these shades. The pigmentation is amazing and for some reason, the formula of this one seems to be particularly good. I've got to say it's giving me all of the Christmas Party vibes - now I just need to find a Christmas party to go to.

Brown Shimmer (right hand side of middle row)

I was a little bit dubious about this shade at first as brown tones usually just don't work for me at all and they make my face look really dull and tired. However, I had also never really tried a brown shimmer (or at least since my early teenage years anyway) and so, I was quite intrigued. In my opinion, when swatched, this shade looks much more black than it does brown but the purple coloured sparkle in it when it hits the light is really beautiful. Due to my slight fear of using brown and black shades as the main colour for my eyes and only ever really using them to intensify the outer third of my lid when doing dramatic looks, I don't think I'd use this colour as much as the other shades on myself but it is equally something that I'm definitely interested in playing around with when doing other people's make up who suit the deeper smokey eye more than I do.

Cherry Red Shimmer (left hand side of bottom row)

Absolutely love this one. I do feel as though it is less shimmery than the other four shimmer shades but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I feel as though this would be perfect for those days that you want to do a bit more with your every day look but equally, you don't want to go full glam. I'm looking forward to using this colour as we enter the Autumn months as I feel as though it just screams Autumnal.

Peach Matte (centre of bottom row)

Now, this is probably the shade that I was least drawn to when first looking at the palette. Not because it isn't pretty, it just didn't stand out to me as it is right next to all of the beautiful shimmer shades. Like the Nude Matte, this one isn't as pigmented but the colour is a really lovely peach shade that would be perfect for a day to day eye look. Brushing this through the crease would really pull a make up look together and so, while I wasn't drawn to it at first, it's definitely a worthwhile addition to the palette.

Hot Pink Matte (right hand side of bottom row)

This shade is really fun, bright and just the type of colour that I love to experiment with. While the colour is absolutely beautiful, I'm very much aware that the pigmentation is not as good as the shimmer shades, which seems to be a running theme within this palette. However, that isn't going to stop me using the colour as it's the type of shade I reach for often.

huda beauty

Overall, my first impressions of this palette: I'm very impressed. It's the first Huda Beauty product that I've tried and it's just made me want to go and buy more (sorry bank account). The colours are all amazing and the only negative I have is that the pigmentation isn't great on all of them, particularly the matte shades but that's something I can work with and it's definitely not the end of the world.

I'm really looking forward to creating some looks with this palette which I'll no doubt feature over on my Instagram stories or my grid so yknow, you should probably go follow me over there.

What is your go-to eyeshadow palette? Let me know!