Still struggling with the fact that we are so close to the end of 2018 when it feels like the year started literally 5 minutes ago, crazy. Anyway, let's talk about what I've been loving in the past month...

1. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I picked this up at duty-free on the way back from our holiday to Amsterdam as a bit of a spontaneous purchase. I didn't really need a new mascara but equally, I have been wanting to try a Benefit mascara for a while and when better to do so than when you're trying to cheer yourself up from post-holiday blues? Anyway, I struggle with mascaras due to my ridiculous lashes but this one is working really well so far. It's actually managing to lengthen and lift my lashes without making them look ridiculously clumpy. I've found that it's super easy to layer this mascara to make my lashes look semi-normal. This is great for me because I often find that I need to use a lot of product to actually make my lashes look good but then this tends to result in loads of clumps and it just looking generally quite grim. So, I'm happy with this and it may be a little bit on the pricier side as it is £21.50 here in the UK but I definitely think that it's worth it. 

2. L'Oreal Paris Les Chocolats Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Dose Of Cocoa

I had seen quite a few bloggers and youtubers talking about these new lipsticks from L'Oreal and I'd be lying if I said one of the main reasons I bought one was because it claimed to smell like chocolate. By the way, it definitely does smell like chocolate and I am so here for that. The shade that I picked up is a beautiful nude colour which applies really easily and for people like me who still struggle with applying liquid lipstick, that is perfect. The only thing I will say is that the formula can be slightly drying when you've had it on for a long time but if you make sure to use some sort of lip balm before you apply, you'll be good to go. These lipsticks are usually priced at around £8.99, which is the average sort of price for a high street lipstick. However, top tip from Lauryn: Check the beauty offers on Amazon because they often do deals where they sell products a little bit cheaper and nobody can complain about that really.

3. Flowers In The Sun Yankee Candle

I picked up the large version of this candle in Amsterdam for half price so it only came to around €12.50, which I'm really happy with. It smells absolutely amazing with top fragrance notes of lemon and orange, middle fragrance notes of blooming azaleas, rose buds and pink waterlillies and a base fragrance note of sweet airy musk. While we are entering Autumn and this is the usual scent for Spring, I'm still going to be using it as it is so fresh and just makes everything smell so clean and that is what I love. 

4. Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal

I had wanted this for ages so once again, this is a purchase from duty free. Oops. We did get it for about £10 cheaper than we would have done in England though so it was definitely worthwhile and it cheered me up at the airport when I was convinced that my foot was broken - a story for another day. In the UK, this perfume is usually priced at around £65 for 50ml which is quite expensive, but I would say that it's definitely worth it because oh my goodness, this is now my new favourite perfume. Regarding the fragrance notes: top is honey gardenia, heart note is honey and base note is honey patchouli. Basically, it's beautiful. I also get stopped by so many people asking what perfume I'm wearing when I have this on which is 1) a confidence boost and 2) shows that it really is the perfect scent. 

5. Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in Translucent

The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation is my absolute favourite and so, I had been meaning to get my hands on the pressed powder for ages. However, I only ever use translucent powder now as I just think it works so much better on my skin and makes my make up look a lot more natural and I couldn't find the translucent one anywhere. Eventually, I found it for £6.99 in Boots which is really reasonable for a powder and after over a month of using this, I can confirm that it definitely helps to set my powder and it prevents those dreaded creases in your base make up which let's be honest, is always a positive. 

What have you been loving this month? Let me know!