"Oh my goodness, I have done so much today", "I've had such a busy week", "I was up until 4am doing things". We don't need to be busy constantly. 

we don't need to be busy constantly

In today's society, it appears as though people think that it is cool to talk about how busy they are all of the time and how they never have any time to themselves. While I'm fully aware that life can get busy sometimes, I feel as though this hectic lifestyle is glamorised on social media as something to aspire to and if you're not constantly busy, and really just burning yourself out, then you're not succeeding. This is so detrimental and really not something that we should be encouraging.

As a university student, I fully understand the importance of juggling the different aspects of my life; my degree, my blog, my internship, my other writing work and then my social life. I won't lie and say that it doesn't get pretty busy sometimes because it does but I've also learned when it's time to take a step back and take a break; whether that's to watch a new show on Netflix or to read a book. This is vital. I just don't believe in constantly writing on social media about how I'm overworking myself because let's be honest, people, especially young teenagers, are easily influenced and I don't want anyone to think that this is the right way to live. We all need a break sometimes.

I don't understand where this idea of needing to be busy constantly came from. I don't know why anyone thought it would be a good idea. Being in this industry and using social media for my work, it can be difficult to take a step back sometimes. Hey, there's no such thing as a quick scroll through social media nowadays. I feel so lucky to have this as my source of income because I do love doing it but I am also fully aware of how stressful it can be.

We need to focus more on taking time out for self care, in whatever form you wish to perform that. At the end of the day, it's all well and good tackling a massive to do list in a few hours but if you've got time to do it, why not spread out the tasks and look after yourself? There's definitely talk of self care on social media more now than a few years ago, but the majority of tweets, Instagram stories and Facebook posts are describing how we are making ourselves stressed rather than looking after ourselves.

Basically, being busy all of the time doesn't make you any better of a person than the person who spends a couple of days doing the same task. We all do things differently but seriously, we don't need to be busy constantly.

What are your thoughts on the idea that we have to be busy constantly in order to succeed? Let me know!