As we get closer to the end of the year, I'm looking back on my 2018 goals and seeing if I actually achieved them this year or if they will be a goal for next year. I'm not going to be doing a full on reflection on 2018 in this post as that will be coming up soon but for now, let's find out... did I achieve my 2018 goals?

2018 goals

Achieve a good mark in first year

So, I finished first year with a high 2:1 and therefore, I'd like to say that I did pretty well and succeeded at this goal. I'm still annoyed that I just missed getting a first but there's always next year, right? Honestly, after the stress that was first year, I'm still so pleased that I finished with the mark that I did.

Get to 100,000 page views

As of right now, I have just surpassed 120,000 page views and I am honestly so thrilled about this. I remember how happy I was when I hit 1000 all time page views and the thought of reaching 10,000 let alone 100,000 page views felt so impossible and just like something that wouldn't happen to me. They say numbers aren't everything but still, it's a number that I'm proud of.

Advance my writing skills and acquire more writing opportunities

I would say I've succeeded on this one. This year, I spent 9 months interning as a Business Content and Social Media Assistant and as that one has finished, I have now started working at two other jobs; one as a content writer and one as a digital marketing assistant. As well as this, I won the Liberty Living blogger competition back in February and became one of their regular bloggers, volunteered with Unite Students for a year as a student content producer and created content for the student magazine and newspaper. I don't want to toot my own horn but I think I've smashed this one.

Work on my appearance

- Lose weight

Unfortunately, I've probably gained more weight than I've lost this year but I'm trying not to beat myself up about it. I am developing a healthier mindset when it comes to food and I am changing my diet but these things don't just happen overnight. This is definitely a goal that I will be continuing with in the new year.

- Cut out sugary drinks

I wouldn't say I've fully succeeded at this one because I still drink more orange juice than the average person should. However, things like Pepsi etc have pretty much completely been eradicated out of my diet, partly because I realised that I didn't really like them and I was only drinking them because they were there. I'm still not a massive alcohol drinker and I haven't consumed any alcohol in over 2 months so that isn't really a problem either.

- Become confident in front of the camera

While I'm still not fully there with feeling confident in front of the camera, I would say that I've succeeded with this one as I'm much more willing to take outfit photos this year and they are even making it onto my Insta grid which is saying something. In 2019, I am hoping to hire a photographer to take some proper photos of my for my blog but I'm still feeling a little bit too awkward for that at the moment.

- Take more time out of my day to do my hair

While this is something that I started doing halfway through the year and found that it really helped my self confidence, it kind of just stopped when I started my second year of University because let's be honest, I'm not too fussed about what other people on my course think of what I look like and I'd much rather have the extra 10 minutes in bed than do something fancy with my hair. Therefore, this is one I probably haven't succeeded at.

Develop make up skills

I still haven't enrolled onto some sort of make up course (let's be real, I just don't have the time at the moment), but I would like to say that I have succeeded on this one because this year, I have been really trying to branch out and step away from the orange or pink halo eye look that I do every time I wear make up. I've finally learned how to do a cut crease (or a half one, at least) and I'm feeling much more confident when doing other people's make up.

Save money

While I do not have a great deal of money saved up at this moment (got to love expensive student housing rent payments), I feel as though I have taught myself a lot this year regarding saving money. I'm not gonna lie, the first half of 2019 is going to be manic as I somehow save for Josh and I to move into a house together but I feel as though I have taught myself a few tips and tricks along the way this year that should help to save the amount of money that we need.

Use Etsy more/shop small businesses

Unfortunately, this is not something I have done as much I'd have liked to this year but I've still shopped with small businesses more than I did in 2017 so it's all progress, right? Being a student, I usually have to find things for as cheap as possible and so sometimes, small businesses aren't a feasible option for me but it is definitely going to be something I look into more when I have the means to do so.

Set up an Etsy shop

I wish that I had the time to set up an Etsy shop, get my graphics tablet out and be creative. Alas, I am so busy there just hasn't been time. I want to make this a goal for next year as I miss creating art so much and I don't want it to be something that I don't have time for anymore.

Think about life after University

So, I'd like to think I've succeeded at this one considering at the beginning of the year, I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do. I've decided that I would like to work in some area of digital marketing and continue creating content because that is what I love. It feels good to have some sort of a plan in place but equally terrifying because adulting.

Improve my photography

I'm not sure if I've succeeded at this one because even though I feel as though my photography has improved slightly, it's nowhere near at the standard I want it to be and it's going to be a constant work in progress. However, it is something that I really enjoy so I'm looking forward to trying out new ideas and seeing how they go.

So, did I achieve my 2018 goals? I don't think I did too badly! Did you succeed in your goals this year? If you didn't set any, what is one thing you'd like to accomplish next year?