I feel as though Christmas came around so quickly this year and left just as quick. However, I received some really lovely gifts this year and just thought I'd share them here. Obviously, the usual disclaimer that I'm not bragging and whatever else and I have really quite a large family so, not every gift has been mentioned but they are all appreciated and thank you to everyone who bought me a present or wished me a merry Christmas. Let's talk about what I got for Christmas this year...

From My Parents

The first couple of presents from my parents include quite a few beauty bits. The Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette is something that I needed as soon as it was released because the shades are absolutely beautiful. I held off buying it because I really should stop buying makeup but when my mother offered to buy it as one of my Christmas presents, I couldn't resist. Then, the Spectrum eye brushes are something I really didn't expect to open as they aren't the cheapest of brushes and I know that my parents do not fully understand why I need more when they all look the same to them. I've never actually tried Spectrum brushes before so I'm looking forward to testing them out over the next couple of weeks. Also, how pretty are they?!

As well as this, I also received the Liz Earle Balancing Gel Mask. I am a big fan of Liz Earle and I've tried some of the other face masks in the past but I've never tried one of their gel masks so I'm intrigued to see what it's like. The final present in this section was the Burberry Touch perfume. I hadn't actually asked for this one and I had never smelled it before but it smells amazing and you can never have too much perfume.

This is all so pink and extra, I love it. My parents bought me one of the Ted Baker sets from Boots which has everything from a sleep mask to body wash. I love how pretty the Ted Baker packaging is. Then, there's a little set of pink gin and a glass that is the size of my face. I just really like pink gin. As well as this, they bought me some crushed velvet pink slipper socks. I have 34049 pairs of slipper socks but you can never have too many. 

My parents also bought me quite a few homeware bits because if you didn't know, Josh and I are moving into our own house within the next year and so, we are slowly collecting all of the homeware that we need. As you can see, quite a few of these are things for the bed, such as the lovely light pink duvet set and the grey V pillow. I had wanted a V pillow for months as I always struggle when trying to be comfortable in bed and it is already making such a difference. My parents also bought me pink marble pillow covers because we all know how much I love anything marble. Then, this little sign for when it comes to washing clothes because apparently, everyone thinks I'm incapable (probably true). Then, they also bought us a personalized cheeseboard because if there are 2 things I love, it's cheese and something personalized.

One of my main presents from my parents was a Kindle which again, was completely unexpected. I love reading but I am basically running out of room to store books and I knew a Kindle would be much easier when it comes to reading while traveling. They also bought me a pink case to go with it because well, I just love pink really. Then, they bought me a personalised Parker pen because like I just said, I love personalised things. As well as this, I have a Yankee Candle electric wax melt burner which I've already started using and I love it. It is a copper/rose gold colour which is perfect as it just matches my aesthetic really. Remember I said just a minute ago that I love marble and rose gold? I have both on my new phone case and I am not complaining about it at all. 

So, to anyone else, this just looks like a black bag because honestly, I was too lazy to find somewhere to take the photo properly but the main present from my parents was a ring light. I knew about this present as they didn't have a clue what they were looking for and I really wanted to step my blogging game up in 2019. I've already played around with it a bit and I've used it for the lighting in this blog post and I am excited for it to help my blogging over the next few years.

From Josh

My main present from Josh was my Nintendo Switch. I had no idea about this and I was in absolute shock when I opened it as I've wanted one for so long but they are quite pricey so obviously, I didn't expect him to buy me one. I've played on it a lot already and I absolutely love it. Josh bought me Super Mario Odyssey as my first game for it because I just love Mario and I can't wait to continue using this. Really, this should have been my only present from Josh but he really did spoil me this year...

Next, he bought me the Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede which I am so happy about as I've wanted a Jo Malone fragrance for such a long time. Then, I received two palettes; the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance and the Kat Von D Shade And Light Contour palette - hopefully now I will learn to contour properly rather than bronzing my face so much in hope that nobody notices my lack of cheekbones. Josh also bought me three Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks in Nude Kate, Penelope Pink and Bitch Perfect. These are my first CT lipsticks and I am so happy with them.

This bag is slightly more pink in person but Josh bought me a Carvela handbag and I absolutely love it. If you know me, you'll know I love bags and I don't really have one like this and so, this is definitely going to become one of my go-to bags for 2019.

Finally, Josh also bought me a couple of stocking filler bits. I won't go into these in too much detail but I think the photo shows that I just love any type of slippers. He also bought me a Bananagram book because I am the most competitive person ever and a little trinket dish because it's pink and rose gold and that's just a bit of me really. 

From Family and Friends

My little sister bought me the Urban Decay Beached Eyeshadow Palette and some Pretty Little Thing lashes, which I've never actually tried before. Urban Decay palettes are some of my favourites so I'm really happy to be adding this one to my collection.

Josh's parents also bought me so many lovely things this year, which I am so grateful for. This Chillys bottle is one of my favourites as I've wanted one for about 6 months, it's pink and it's personalised, we all know how much I love personalised things. I've also been eyeing up The Skincare Bible for a while and I'm looking forward to reading it considering my actual addiction with buying skincare and trying out new products. The Study mug is great and definitely me because well, am I working or online shopping? Who knows. Also, the personalised coasters are fab because I've bought coasters with my face on for so many people over the years so to have some of my own is really nice. 

My nan bought me this YSL Black Opium set which I'm really happy with as it is one of those fragrances that I always sprayed in shops but never actually bought it myself because it was a bit too pricey for my student budget and so, to actually own it now is really great. Also, how pretty is the sparkly pink box?

My friends also bought me some really lovely gifts. Shannon bought me some Lush bits as we all know how much I love Lush and she also bought me a tiny hipflask which I can put on my keys. The hipflask says 'Vodka won't solve all of your problems but it's worth a shot' - this just made me laugh a bit. Jodie then bought me this Cath Kidston mug and a mini Lancome perfume and lipstick. They both also bought me chocolate but, let's be honest, I've already eaten that.

Some of the presents from my extended family include lots of Soap & Glory because really, is it Christmas without S&G? I also received this really nice Yankee Candle set and they all smell absolutely amazing. 

Some other bits that I received from my extended family include this little orange crossbody bag which I will definitely be using when I don't have loads to carry around. Another candle because everyone knows how much I love candles and some earrings because I literally do not feel ready for the day if I am not wearing earrings.

My grandparents bought Josh and I these things for our house. The massive mustard colour cushions are so soft and the teddy fleece duvet cover will be perfect for those colder months. I really love the grey and mustard combo so this matches my aesthetic perfectly. 

I also received some more homeware bits from members of my extended family, including these dip bowls which you can write on with chalk and some cactus plants as well as some alcohol, which I'm probably going to need as a result of January exam breakdowns. 

From Me To Me

Would it be Christmas if I didn't buy myself a little something? This year, I bought myself the Beauty Bay Identity palette, a The Body Shop body scrub and a candle from a small business in Exeter; Hyde and Seek. 

Did you have a good Christmas?