Meet The Blogger is a new series on the blog where different bloggers will be answering some questions, letting you know about their blog and basically, what they are all about. What better way to kick the new year off than by giving everyone the chance to find and get to know some amazing bloggers?

For the first post of the Meet The Blogger series, we are getting to know Cordelia over at Cordelia Moor. Let's begin...

How would you describe yourself and your blog in one sentence?

I am a mental health advocate who loves a good laugh, and Cordelia Moor is a space where I can write openly and honestly about mental health one day - before making stupid jokes about a drag show I've been to the next.

When did you start your blog?

I started blogging (for the third or fourth time) back in June of this year, and my little space on the internet has gone from strength to strength ever since.

What made you decide to want to start blogging?

I always wanted to get back into it, because writing is the only thing I know how to do well! After tiring of only writing for work or for uni, I decided to start up Cordelia Moor as a space where I could connect with people who have similar experiences, and give myself a platform to write about the things I want to write about - rather than have to write about. It was never for fame, or for money. I want to be able to initiate candid conversations about the darkest sides of mental health, and talk about the things mainstream media won't, sharing my lived experiences and hopefully establishing a platform where other people can share theirs, and connect with each other. I also attend a lot of drag shows, and have more than a little bit of fun reviewing them - thankfully, the queens I write about love them!

What is your favourite thing about being a blogger/content creator?

The human connection you can make with people. I love writing, and I'd be writing even if no-one was reading it, but there's something so special about pouring your heart and soul into a post and having people resonate with it and tell you that your work is making a difference. If I can help just one person, I'll have done what I set out to do. I also like being able to write on my own terms, about what I want to write about, without worrying about pleasing other people.

What is one thing you wish you knew before you started blogging?

The sheer amount of time it takes to maintain a blog and a social media presence. It quickly becomes all consuming, and there's always something you can be doing, whether that be research, writing posts, being on social media, scheduling posts, taking photos - the list truly goes on. It's dedication, and a lot of work, and progress will be slow. You aren't going to get hundreds of viewers overnight.

What is your biggest dream when it comes to blogging? What would you like to achieve?

I would love to be able to turn my little space into a full time career, whether that be as a freelance writer writing about the same things I do on my own blog, or just making enough money to sustain my life through the blog itself. I want to take Cordelia Moor and make it an important resource for mental health education and advocacy, and I would eventually love to not only write about my experiences but be able to speak out about them too - whether that be in schools or in workplaces. I want to turn the past five years into a positive force for good and change.

What’s one must have item for you when it comes to blogging?

A MacBook. I am a laptop snob these days, and it was so hard to keep the blog going when I was trying to do everything on my dinosaur laptop. There's just something about the layout and intuitiveness of a Mac that makes life and blogging so much easier. And also my sense of humour. That's important.

What is your favourite blog post that you have published? Why?

I'm fond of many of my pieces for many reasons - I love the MH pieces for their rawness and candidness around difficult topics, and I love my drag reviews because it allows me to be a bit more lighthearted and make as many stupid jokes as I can fit in. But to date, my favourite piece is probably when I took six fairly common questions someone might be afraid to ask about self-harm, and answered them. It's one . of the most open and honest pieces I've ever written, and I tried hard to not shy away from the truth - but without overstepping the line and making it too much. And I think it's so important for people with lived experience who feel comfortable with speaking out about their experiences to do so, so more people have an understanding of what self-harm actually is, and what it means.

Check out Cordelia's links here:

Twitter: @cordeliamoor_
Instagram: @cordeliamoor

Thank you to Cordelia for taking part in my meet the blogger series!