We've done it twice and we are back doing it again. Time for Josh to guess the price of my beauty products! When I first started this series, I did it for a bit of fun and just to see how much Josh actually listens when we go shopping but I've had so much positive feedback from it and I thought, let's do it again...

boyfriend guesses the price of beauty products justalittlebitoflauryn

Josh's guess: £15
Actual price: £16

"I have no idea - it's got a name, doesn't it - it's got someone's name which means it's usually more expensive..."

So, a pretty good start from Josh. Let's see how he goes with the next one...

Josh's guess: £18
Actual price: £21.50

"You got that in that really expensive kit... that was for 6 items, so let's say it's worth £110 so we'll divide that by sixth for the average amount... let me get my calculator out..."

I think he took this one a little bit too seriously but the guess wasn't far off! Is he doing better than he has done before?

Josh's guess: £6
Actual price: £5.99

"That's just like a cheaper Superdrug thing isn't it, but I don't know how cheap"

Very close. He basically got this one correct.

Josh's guess: £11
Actual price: £6

"I know that NYX eyeshadows are usually like £6-£8, so I think that because it seems like it is a fancier version of a NYX lip product, then it'll be a bit more than that"

And it went slightly downhill but I suppose it could have been worse! 

Josh's guess: £12
Actual price: £17

"I remember buying you the tub of this for £16, so I want to say it can't be more than that for how small it is" *reveals price* "seems like a bit of a rip off"

Looks like the good start to this has not continued. Again, it's not the worst guess but it's still pretty far off.

Josh's guess: £9
Actual price: £8

"I remember you getting this. I know that Revolution is a budget alternative to the big brands. I think that highlight is usually cheaper than eyeshadow. I may be naive..."

This one is pretty close! It also shows how much Josh actually listens to me when I talk about make up as he is aware of the different alternatives, so that is pretty impressive.

Josh's guess: £13
Actual price: £6.66

"Can I say no to it? Who wants to rub tomatoes on their face? I've got no clue... Charcoal usually makes it more expensive for some reason that I have no idea. I've never heard of the brand"

I mean, you're not rubbing tomatoes on your face, but sure...

Josh's guess: £22
Actual price: £39

"I should know this. I'm pretty sure that Calvin Klein's perfumes are cheaper than you'd think. I think it's less than £1 a ml"

So, this one didn't go too well and he guessed nearly half of the price that it actually is. However, I do agree that you'd expect CK perfumes to be pricier for the product.

Josh's guess: £35
Actual price: £19

"Ughhh, Liz Earle is expensive all of the time. I think the L'Oreal one you bought was around £10-£15 so because it's Liz Earle, it's at least got to be 100% more"

He was truly surprised that this one is under £20. I'm surprised he picked £35 as that is a lot for a face mask and I'm sure if I did buy one that was that much, he would have remembered it...

Josh's guess: £20
Actual price: £24

"I'm pretty sure I should know this considering I bought it for you. I want to say you got a good deal and got three lipsticks for £42 but I can't remember whether they are supposed to be £20 or £25 each"

Very close but not quite close enough. I'm still not over getting three CT lipsticks for £30 on Black Friday when they are usually £24 each. 

I think he could have done a lot worse...

How do you think Josh did? Let me know below!