You may remember that last year I wrote a post called '150 Blog Post Ideas'. This year, I'll be breaking up these sections into separate posts and giving you a more indepth idea on what you could write about depending on your niche. Let's start with 50 Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers...

50 blog post ideas for travel bloggers

1. Visiting X On A Budget
3. Things I've Learned From Travelling
4. Food Lovers Guide To X
5. How To Find The Cheapest Flights
6. 5 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting X
7. Tips For Learning A Language
8. 72 Hours In X
9. Pros And Cons Of Cruises
10. Travel Photography Tips
11. How To Travel With Only A Travel On Bag
12. Interrailing Tips
13. How To Pass The Time When Your Flight Is Delayed
14. Making Friends While Travelling
15. How To Take The Best Travel Photos
16. What To Wear On Long Haul Flights
17. How To Travel With Pets
18. Planning The Perfect Honeymoon
19. Perks Of Travelling Solo
20. How To Plan A Trip With A Big Group
21. Best Budget Outdoor Equipment
22. How To Budget When Backpacking
23. Free Things To Do In X
24. Favourite Books About Travel

26. Road Trip Tips
27. Vaccinations To Get Before Travelling
28. Staying Safe While Travelling
29. Scariest Travel Experience
30. Beauty Travel Essentials
31. 5 Things You Don't Need For Your City Break
32. Favourite Travel Bloggers
33. How To Survive A Long Haul Flight
34. Best Places To Eat In X
35. What's In My Bag
36. Top Tips For Studying Abroad
37. Healthy Easy Travel Recipes
38. How To Successfully Last Minute Pack
39. Best Luxury Destinations
40. What To Do If You Get Sick When Travelling
41. Staying In A Hotel vs Airbnb
42. Travel Bucket List
44. The Apps You Need When Travelling
45. Most Underrated Cities
46. The Ultimate Guide To Gap Years
47. How To Save For Your Next Trip
48. 15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About X
49. How I Edit My Travel Photos
50. Planning A Family Holiday On A Budget

Do you have any other ideas that could be added to this list?