So, if you've been following my posts on social media, you'll know I've been hinting to a big 'life event' and here it is - we got a puppy! Meet Barney, the golden retriever.

barney golden retriever puppy

barney justalittlebitoflauryn

Barney is currently 10 weeks old and we picked him up on Friday. So far, he's settling in really well, despite having to be in the car for an incredibly long journey home on his first day. He's met both my parents dog and Joshs parents dogs now and they all seem to be so intimidated by him! It's weird because he's so small and doesn't really know what he's doing himself so I don't think he understands why they are all cowering away from him. However, I'm sure that with time, they will all start to feel a bit more comfortable around him.

meet barney

He had his first vet appointment yesterday and he was surprisingly really well behaved. Everyone at the vets commented on how cute he was and he wasn't frightened at all when we went in to see the vet, he literally just fell asleep on the bench straight away and didn't make a fuss about his vaccination, despite the vet saying that he might become a bit agitated. Hopefully, he carries on like this as it'll be good for him to not be frightened of the vets but we will have to wait and see. Like I said, I don't even think he knows what he's doing at the moment.

golden retriever puppy

We always planned to get a puppy this Summer but didn't expect it to be as soon as this. However, we aren't complaining because we love him already. We first went to visit Barney last Saturday and it took us about 5 minutes to say yes to buying him and then it felt like the longest week ever before we could pick him up. I did vlog parts of that week such as a mini Pets At Home haul and I've also vlogged his first couple of days at home which will be up on my Youtube channel soon.

golden puppy

I don't really have much else to update because he literally just sleeps, tries to steal Eddie's food and hangs off of my leg but I'm so glad that we finally have a little puppy.

If you want to hear more about Barney, make sure you follow his Instagram here.