Les Misérables is one of those shows that I always wanted to see. The songs have been on my travelling playlists for as long as I can remember and it was just a must-see. When I found out it was coming to the Theatre Royal Plymouth, I knew I had to get tickets. I remember how stressed I was getting the tickets though because the website kept going down and it kept kicking me off of the queue and it was just incredibly stressful. I finally got tickets though so I can't complain too much.

I expected the show to be good, I had seen the film and I knew the songs and the storyline, but this exceeded my expectations. As someone with quite a short attention span, I often find myself drifting off into my own little world in most situations in life and not really paying attention to my surroundings but this really did keep me captivated for the whole time and so, that's a massive positive in itself.

All of the cast were absolutely amazing and so talented. I never particularly enjoyed Javert's character much within the film because I feel like Russell Crowe wasn't the best fit. However, Nic Greenshields who played Javert in the show fit the character so well and one of my favourite parts was Javert's Suicide because I feel like the emotion and the significance of it was portrayed so well and the minutes leading up to it, I was wondering how they would make it look like he had fallen off of the bridge when he was really only about a foot above the floor but they pulled it off so well. Of course, it was obvious but the thought that went into scenes like this really impressed me. Similarly, Jean Valjean, played by Killian Donnelly, really did have such an astounding impact on the whole show.

I enjoyed all of the songs but the ones that particularly stuck out to me were On My Own, One Day More, Bring Him Home, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables and At The End Of The Day. When I haven't seen a show before, I often wonder how the songs will be acted out on the stage and all of these were done incredibly well. This created such a wide range of emotions, which I think is vital for the storyline of Les Mis.

I am really interested in the sets used in the theatre and how it all works. It fascinates me how quickly things change and how they set the scene so well and so, this is something I pay a lot of attention to. One of my favourite parts was when they were building the barricade as this was portrayed so well on stage. 

Overall, it's definitely one of my favourite musicals and if I had the chance, I would definitely go and see it again. I went to see the show with my mother and let's just say, it must be good because she is now obsessed and is listening to the soundtrack constantly.

Have you seen Les Misérables?