social media detox justalittlebitoflauryn

As someone who works in social media and digital marketing, it can be difficult to get off of social media completely but lately, I've realised it's so important to make time for not being on my phone or laptop as it was all just getting a bit much.

I think that social media is great and I love that it has allowed me to work in a job where I am comfortable and I don't have to really leave the house to go to work. It reduces a lot of my anxiety and just makes me feel a bit better about life overall. Being able to work in a creative industry is something I always wanted to do but didn't feel like it was feasible years ago when these sorts of jobs weren't really a thing.

However, my use of social media for my personal life is a tricky one. My screen time on my phone is embarrassing and I am fully aware that I spend far too much of my life just scrolling through the likes of Instagram and Twitter. A couple of weeks ago, my screen time was at 70 hours for the week and I just thought that is unacceptable and something needed to change. I thought about all of the things I could be doing rather than being on my phone and decided that I needed to get a grip and do something about it. Like I said, I can't just suddenly come off of my phone completely. However, I am planning to have a complete detox in a few weeks when I take some time off of work.

For now, I have been utilising the downtime feature on my phone to block access to social media apps for the majority of the day. I am finding that this is really helping to decrease my screentime and I'm also being a lot more productive. I'm no longer feeling the need to just scroll aimlessly through my Facebook feed when I'm sat down and I do think that it's having a positive impact.

People say that social media is toxic. I don't agree. I think the way you use social media can be toxic. I think I let myself get into a mindset where I was constantly comparing myself to other females on Instagram and it just made me feel awful. We all know I have some issues with my self-confidence anyway and this just wasn't doing me any favours. Then I realised that I'm the one submitting myself to this and I don't have to live a life where I'm constantly comparing myself.

Limiting the time that I spend on social media and working on myself instead is having such a positive impact on my life and it's something that I wish I had started doing sooner. I think it's vital to be aware of the importance of having a social media detox and just letting yourself have a bit of time every so often when you're not getting so caught up in everyone else's lives and just focusing on your own. It's easy to avoid your to-do list and just have '5 more minutes' watching pointless videos on Facebook but it's something that I'm trying to stop.

I don't want to be consumed by social media. Especially when there's so much negativity and people just don't seem to care about the impact their comments can have on people. Writing something behind a screen can have a lasting effect on someone.

That's why I think it's so important to just tailor your social media usage for you. Mute accounts, unfollow accounts, block them if you have to. Mute words that you find stressful/irritating, leave groups that aren't adding anything extra to your life, go through your friends list and only keep the ones you actually know. These little things can just help to make it a much more positive experience.